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Recent Invoices Posted See all »

  • Automotive: Leasing & financing

    Fox Rent A Car

    Invoice Date: 11/24/2017Invoice Total: $192.96

    Rent a 2016 Kia Rio LX for 4 days

    "Good price"

    Posted by: heathergrace68

  • Automotive: Maintenance & repair

    AG-Pro Companies

    Invoice Date: 10/30/2017Invoice Total: $2243.44

    Replace carburetor and starter on tractor

    " "

    Posted by: dhenry

  • Automotive: Maintenance & repair

    Discount Tire

    Invoice Date: 04/24/2017Invoice Total: $182.94

    2 Falken Sincera 185/65 R14 tires for a 2010 ...

    "Great service ."

    Posted by: heathergrace68

  • Health Care: Veterinarian services

    Banfield Pet Hospital

    Invoice Date: 02/17/2017Invoice Total: $282.16

    Examination and x-rays for a dog

    "Dr. Gartland is very caring and competent. "

    Posted by: heathergrace68

  • Health Care: Dentist visits

    Lighthouse Dental

    Invoice Date: 02/08/2017Invoice Total: $208.00

    Dental cleaning and exam, including bitewing ...

    "Very nice people work there. They make you f..."

    Posted by: bubble32

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  • 06/12/18: A new invoice was uploaded... dhenry about VCA Murphy Road Animal Hospital

  • 05/29/18: A new invoice was uploaded... Thunderbird001 about MetroPath

  • 05/20/18: A new invoice was uploaded... Thunderbird001 about Rooterguy LLC

  • 04/09/18: A new invoice was uploaded... dhenry about St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic

  • 03/26/18: A new invoice was uploaded... dhenry about St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic

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