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About Green Piranhas

What is Green Piranhas?

Green Piranhas is Consumer Advocacy in its Most Basic and Powerful Form...
Consumers Helping Other Consumers.

As a consumer, have you ever felt at the mercy of over-priced, undependable service providers?

Have you ever wondered if they were recommending unnecessary work?

Do you ever question if online reviews are written by real consumers, about actual experiences?

Have you ever wished there was a site where you could find credible information about vendor pricing, quality of service, and terms and conditions of sale?

Green Piranhas can help!

As consumers, we all face challenges making smart, value-conscious buying decisions. We often need to stretch our buying dollars, and shouldn't have to compromise on quality or service to get a fair price. There are dependable service providers, with fair rates and good reputations, in your neighborhood and Green Piranhas, and its active community of users, can help you find them.

Here's how it works.

Conscientious consumers, just like you, upload images of actual invoices for products and services they've purchased from local service providers. Then they're asked to answer a few short questions about the buying experience, addressing their overall satisfaction with the products and services and their feelings about the vendor, and are given the opportunity to write a review.

Then fellow consumers, just like you, who are doing a little shopping or thinking about hiring a service provider, are able to go onto the Website, view those invoices, and read the corresponding comments, ratings and reviews for the service providers.

When you think about it, that's a really potent combination. You can see the description of work performed, and the detailed pricing breakdown on an actual invoice, and then read a firsthand account of that consumer's experience with the service provider.

That's taking the power of consumer information and reviews to a whole new level!

This compelling combination of information will empower you as a consumer, and help you to select and effectively negotiate with service providers, based not only on their pricing, but on their reputation and rating within the community.

So, get started today and share the power of information with others!