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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a Green Piranha?

A: The Green Tiger Piranha is a member of the Characide, or Characin family, and more specifically of a sub-family called the Serrasalmidae. Its body is long and slender, with a large head, and a jutting bottom jaw. It is distinguished by an overall greenish sheen. Some call this the largest growing piranha, with recorded catches of 20" or more. In an aquarium, however, it is rare to see this fish grow past 8" in length. Piranhas are commonly portrayed and known as a vicious species of fish that hunts in large schools and ambushes its prey. Recent research, however, suggests that piranhas swim in schools as a defense mechanism against natural predators, such as river dolphins, caimans and giant pirarucu.

Q: Why is the Website called Green Piranhas?

A: Because, just as piranhas find strength and protection in numbers, so can consumers. Green Piranhas will help consumers develop a collective voice regarding vendor pricing, quality of service, and terms and conditions of sale, that will create an open forum for consumers to build a value conscious community and bring the power of transparency into the marketplace. By exchanging valuable information found on actual pricing documents, as well as comments, ratings and reviews, Green Piranhas' users are able to create a vast 'school' of consumer information that will help them hunt down a good product or service at a fair price!


Q: Why should I use Green Piranhas?

A: Green Piranhas is a valuable service that will enable you to connect with a community of consumers just like you. You will be able to view actual invoices posted by other consumers, and read about their experiences with vendors. Since our users are required to post invoices in order to write reviews, this adds a level of credibility to our reviews not found on other sites. Those reviews, combined with previously unavailable pricing information, will help you, as a consumer, make more informed buying decisions, take some of the mystery out of vendor pricing, and lessen the uneasiness sometimes associated with hiring contractors.

Q: Do I need to register to visit the Website?

A: No, anyone can visit and utilize the valuable information posted on the Website to research and compare local service providers, as well as their pricing and consumer reviews. Only registered users, however, are able to post invoices, receipts, comments, ratings, reviews, messages and updates, and qualify for points and valuable rewards under our Community Reward Program.

Q: How do I complete a profile?

A: After registering, you can complete your profile by adding additional information and uploading photos if you wish. You can reach your profile through the Account link.

Q: What information will show on my public profile?

A: Only your username and data that you enter under "Public Profile Information" on your account, such as any information you choose to share under "About Me" or any photo or avatar that you upload, will be visible to other users.

Q: Can I change my profile information?

A: Yes. To update your name, username, address, phone number, email address, demographic information, or account preferences simply visit your profile through the Account link.

Q: Will other information I provide on my profile be kept private?

A: Yes, your personal account information will be kept confidential and will not appear on the Website. Only your username and data that you enter under "Public Profile Information" will be visible to other users. Green Piranhas will not sell, rent, share, or otherwise disclose your personally identifiable information for commercial purposes in violation of the commitments set forth in our Privacy Policy.

Q: Can I delete my account?

A: No, you cannot delete your account, but you can deactivate it at any time. Information that you post to the Website for public view, including but not limited to, your username, invoices, comments, reviews, ratings, recommendations, updates and messages shall continue to remain in public view even if your account has been deactivated.

Q: Why do you ask for demographic information?

A: You are not required to provide demographic information, but gathering general demographic information helps us to more fully understand your needs and concerns as a consumer, so that we can continue to improve our services and tailor special offers that may particularly interest you. With your consent, we may utilize information we gather to send you exciting direct marketing offers, on behalf of Green Piranhas or third parties, with the opportunity to earn cash or discounts. If you wish to receive such offers, you can adjust your preference settings on your account.

Q: Can anyone post invoices, receipts, comments, ratings, reviews, updates and messages?

A: Any registered user can post invoices, receipts, comments, ratings, reviews, updates and messages, and take part in our exciting Community Reward Program. All use of the Website and its features is subject to the Green Piranhas Terms of Service Agreement.

Q: What is the difference between an invoice and a receipt?

A: An invoice typically outlines products and/or services you purchased from a local service provider, such as an invoice from your veterinarian for treating your sick dog, or an invoice from an auto repair shop for replacing the alternator on your car. A receipt is generally printed by a cash register and itemizes your everyday purchases for things like gasoline, groceries, or dining. For the purposes of our reward program, an invoice will be defined as a purchase document clearly pre-printed with the word "Invoice." All other purchase documents will be considered receipts.

Q: Can I post all of my invoices and receipts?

A: For invoices and receipts to be accepted, and qualify for points under our reward program, they must meet certain requirements. For details about qualifying documents and to learn about exciting opportunities to win valuable prizes, visit our Community Reward Program.

Q: What file formats are accepted?

A: An image of a pricing document must be uploaded as a PDF (.pdf), JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg), or TIFF (.tiff, .tif), and cannot exceed a maximum file size of 20MB. A digital photograph uploaded for our Content Submission Program must be a JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg), TIFF (.tiff, .tif), or PNG (.png), and cannot exceed a maximum file size of 5MB. A video clip uploaded for our Content Submission Program must be no more than 5 minutes in length, an AVI (.avi), QuickTime (.mov), MP4 (.mp4), MPEG (.mpg) or Windows Media (.wmv) file, and cannot exceed a maximum file size of 150MB.

Q: Why are only invoices, and not receipts, shown on the Website, and why do I receive more points for posting invoices than I do for posting receipts?

A: Typically, receipts itemize standard purchases for items with more readily available pricing, whereas invoices from service providers and contractors often detail work and pricing that, up until now, have been difficult or impossible for consumers to find and compare. The data found on invoices posted by our users, combined with their valuable comments, ratings and reviews about the service providers, will allow shopping consumers to closely compare, select, and more effectively negotiate with service providers.

Q: Why can I only post and view invoices for Household, Automotive and Health Care purchases?

A: Green Piranhas is initially focusing on Household, Automotive, and Health Care purchases, because those are areas of particular concern for many consumers, where final pricing often comes in higher than estimated pricing, and they often struggle to find quality service providers who charge fair prices. These key areas frequently involve high-dollar purchases, so consumers can greatly benefit from credible reviews and documented information on vendor pricing, services, and terms and conditions of sale.

Q: I have an oversized or oddly shaped invoice or receipt that I'd like to post. How should I photograph or scan it?

A: As it's important for other consumers to be able to view all the valuable information on a pricing document, it may be necessary to take a bit more care when photographing or scanning oversized or oddly shaped invoices or receipts. When preparing to upload a multi-page document, please take care to ensure that the pages are in the proper sequence. If you're planning to submit a legal-sized document or an oddly shaped document, such as a long grocery store receipt, it may be necessary to take a series of overlapping photos or scans to ensure that all the data is properly captured.

Q: An invoice or receipt I uploaded earlier hasn't been posted to the Website or my account yet, why not?

A: All invoices, receipts and commentary submitted are reviewed to ensure that they meet the requirements outlined in our Community Reward Program, and comply with the terms of our Content Policy, before they appear on the Website and/or your account. This process may take up to 48 hours.

Q: Will I be notified if an invoice or receipt I upload isn't approved and doesn't qualify for points?

A: All invoices and receipts uploaded are reviewed to ensure that they include content suitable for general audiences and meet the requirements outlined in our Community Reward Program. If it's determined that a pricing document you uploaded doesn't meet those requirements and qualify for points, you will receive an automated email with a brief explanation as to the reason. If the pricing document didn't qualify because the image was unclear, illegible or incomplete, we encourage you to take a new photograph or scan of the document and resubmit it through the normal post process on the Website.

Q: I just realized that I forgot to redact my personal and confidential information from an invoice that is now posted on the Website. What can I do?

A: The safety and confidentiality of your personal information is important to us. If you've forgotten to redact some sensitive information, please email our customer service department and, subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement, we will use reasonable commercial efforts to remove the confidential information from the Website.

Q: I didn't receive points for an invoice or receipt that I posted, why?

A: Only certain types of invoices and receipts qualify for points. For details about qualifying documents and to learn about exciting opportunities to win valuable prizes, visit our Community Reward Program.

Q: How can I track my reward program status and redeem points for a reward?

A: You can easily monitor your reward program status, including contributions, point awards, reward redemptions, current point totals, and lifetime points earned, as well as redeem accrued points for rewards, by visiting Reward Tracking on your account.

Q: How will I know if I've won a contest?

A: All of our lucky winners will be notified by email, or postal delivery mail, so be sure to always keep your profile information up to date. Additionally, any prize won by a registered user will be noted on their account under Reward Tracking.

Q: Can I ask another user a question about an invoice or review they posted?

A: Yes. On your account page, you have the ability to post a public comment or pose a question to the entire community of users through the 'Post a Comment or Update' feature. You can also privately send a message to an individual user through the 'Message' function on your account page. Green Piranhas cannot guarantee, however, that the user will choose to reply. Be assured that, pursuant to the terms of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement, we will never share your personal email address with another user. All email messages that you send to, or receive from, another user will go through Green Piranhas' secure messaging system and will show only your public username.

Q: My service provider did a great job, how do I write a review?

A: Post a copy of the invoice you received from the service provider on the Website and you will be asked for comments regarding the invoice and your experience, and will be given the opportunity to write a detailed review.

Q: What if I had a bad experience with a service provider, can I say something negative in my review?

A: Yes. We encourage free expression and want you to share your stories, comments, ratings and honest assessments, whether good or bad, with other consumers, but all information posted to the Website is subject to our Content Policy and Takedown/Moderation Policy so that our user environment is appropriate and pleasant for general audiences.

Q: Can I review a service provider if I don't post an invoice?

A: No, what sets Green Piranhas apart is the fact that our information and reviews are driven by the actual pricing information provided on formal invoices. We want other consumers to see the actual breakdown of services provided and charges incurred, along with your valuable comments and input, so they can make informed decisions about future purchases. Plus, the invoices serve as proof of purchase, so that you know the users actually did business with the service providers they're reviewing.

Q: Are reviews displayed in any particular order?

A: Green Piranhas wishes to remain an impartial third party, simply providing you access to valuable pricing information, comments, ratings and reviews posted by other consumers to help you make smart, value-conscious buying decisions. So reviews are not weighted and will be displayed according to the date they were posted, with the most recent listed first.

Q: Does information posted to the Website ever get removed?

A: Yes. An invoice, comment, rating, review, message, update or public profile information, including a photograph or avatar, may be removed from the Website if any of the content is found to be in violation of Green Piranhas' current Content Policy and Takedown/Moderation Policy.

Q: Do merchants and service providers pay Green Piranhas to include vendor pages about their businesses on the Website?

A: No. The vendor pages shown on the Website are created with general information such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and URL addresses found publicly on the Internet, and data extracted from actual invoices and receipts uploaded by our users, along with their corresponding comments, ratings, and reviews.

Service Providers/Businesses:

Q: As a local service provider, how will Green Piranhas benefit me?

Though Green Piranhas is consumer oriented, it can help your business too. It's well known that there is nothing greater in the marketplace than the power of word-of-mouth advertising, and Green Piranhas can help you make that power work for you. When it comes to taking care of their home, car or health, most consumers aren't looking for bargain basement prices, they're looking for dependable service providers, who offer quality goods and services at fair prices. When your business provides that, consumers will utilize Green Piranhas' community forum to spread the word in a documented and highly credible fashion. Additionally, the information posted on the Website will provide you with insight into community pricing and consumer concerns, and help you more competitively price your products and services.

Q: How is my vendor rating determined?

A: When users upload invoices, they are asked to provide vendor ratings from 1 to 5 'Piranhas', with one meaning poor and 5 meaning excellent. So, the vendor rating displayed on your vendor page is an average composite of all consumer ratings posted for your business.

Q: Can I remove a negative or inaccurate consumer comment about my business?

A: If you feel that a consumer comment is scurrilous or inaccurate, you may submit a request to have the comment removed from public view. All requests and information submitted are subject to review and approval by Green Piranhas, pursuant to our Content Policy and Takedown/Moderation Policy.