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Average Piranha Rating:

Location: Westminster, CO

Number of recommendations: 2

Lighthouse Dental

8721 Turnpike Dr

Westminster, CO 80031

(303) 657-9000


Invoices Posted:

02/08/2017 Dental cleaning and exam, including bitewing x-rays $208.00
06/11/2015 Had three teeth extracted and fillings $684.00


Reviews Posted:

bubble32 02/11/2017 "Very nice people work there. They make you feel comfortable"
bubble32 06/13/2015 "He really cares about you. Very good work. And fast at it. I'm afraid of dentists but not him. I didn't have to wait in waiting room forever. He takes you right in. I was even early. The staff is so nice to you. They are really gentle with you. "